Etizolam Use Guides and Considerations

Etizolam is packaged in tablets weighing either 2miligrams or 1 milligram. There are vendors also who sell the drug without the packaging. Etizolam can be bought in form of powder but its not recommended because it exposes users to risk f using mixed up products. Also, tablets sold without a package are worth questioning about.

Best Etizolam types for purchase

Etizolam is available in various brands. Such include:Etilee

  • Etizex
  • Etizest
  • Etilaam

Once you choose the preferred brand to use, its wise to stick to it only. Also, do not risk mixing it with powder form unless you are running a chemist and only want to use the powder for testing purity of etizolam. Of the brands the most popular are Etizest and Etilaam.

How Etizolam works

The substance works through binding itself to benzodiazepine receptors then magnifies GABA neurotransmitter efficiency. The action leads to claiming or rather sedating effects since GABA receptors are known as brain’s most prolific receptors inhibiting there.

Effects of Etizolam

Etizolam intake leads to various effects. Some of the physical effects include:

  • Loss of motor control
  • Dizziness
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Physical euphoria feelings
  • Sedation

If taken at quite higher levels, etizolam leads to extreme sedation then induces lethargic state at extremes.

The cognitive effects from etizolam include: disinhibition, amnesia, emotion suppression, euphoria of the cognitive, deceleration of though and suppression of anxiety among others.

How etizolam is administered

Etizolam is an oral drug which should not be taken in combination with opiates, alcohol or any other depressants. You can take it either rectally or under the tongue though these are not common.

Safety precaution with etizolam

Large doses of etizolam should never be taken alongside alcohol, habituates, benzodiazepines or opiates as it can lead to severe consequences.

Etizolam has high addiction psychologically and physically. It leads to tolerance within very few days with its hypnotic effects.

Etizolam should not be treated as a drug which you can stop its intake abruptly. Withdrawal from taking etizolam should be done in steps and procedural as the withdrawal signs which come up are severe and can be dangerous. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal include; anxiety coming back and rebound insomnia among others.

Avoid overdosing the drug. Overdosing has its signs which you should keep watch if a user. If noted check on your dosage. The signs include; respiratory depression, delusions, confusion, slurred speech, lethargy, thought deceleration and to extremes it can lead to death or even going into comma.

The toxicity level of etizolam is quite low and does not expose its users to dangers if only not taken alongside alcohol, opioids or any other depressants. While taking etizolam, look for practices which do not harm its intake and major on such.

Sale of Etizolam in USA

US allows etizolam only for research purposes and FDA has not authorized use of etizolam as a drug. Most countries allow it as drug to be prescribed only but other countries such as Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Alabama control the substance.