Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng da kratom is one of the best strains of the general kratom alkaloid strains .The word maeng stands for “pimp” grade or strain .The maeng da kratom is liked by its users for its high energy boosting capabilities. Which has the added advantage of lasting in the body still potent for a record 8 hours in the body.

Maeng da kratom hails from south East Asia in Thailand and has the distinctive property of being mostly a dark brown color. Further maeng da kratom has a unique scent for which it is synonymous for .The dark green color might not be the only color variant for maeng da kratom but the product may also come in featuring other colors such as red and white.

Drug intake and dosage.

There are two main methods for taking in maeng da kratom .For one you could order the powdered form and dissolve it a beverage such as tea or a protein shake .But the more modern and convenient for of intake will involve swallowing a capsule.

The general measure for the dosage might include a measuring scale or a simple home tea spoon .For which the tea spoon equivalents to about 1.5 grams.

As a rule of thumb

  • A beginner should start out with about 2 tea spoon or 3 grams
  • A moderate user will employ just about 5grams that is about 4 tea spoon
  • An expert will use about just over six spoon or nine grams

However due to the drugs potency it is usually recommended a beginner start using maeng da kratom mixed with other strains of kratom.

However after 2 weeks of using the drug the body might develop some form of tolerance to the drug .All you need to do is mix the maeng da kratom with other variants of kratom and this will help beat the plateau.

Having said that we now look at the medicinal benefits of maeng da kratom which include.

  • Elevated level of brain activity-Maeng da kratom has been noted to improve the level of cerebral capability of an individual. Using maeng da kratom helps the individual develop a sharper focus and higher level of cognitive ability.
  • Increased energy levels-As stated earlier the use of maeng da kratom helps to boost energy levels in the body thus helps one to not only work much longer but even much more quicker
  • Mood enhancer-Maeng da kratom has been noted time and again of having the effect of improving ones moods .This is due to the ability of the alkaloids in the kratom to stimulate the release of feel good serotonin hormones.


In summary, from the above article one could note that maeng da kratom is a very potent drug. One that if used properly could promote the best health benefits to an individual but if misused could lead to adverse effects for the user.