Ultimate Guide to Getting the Correct Kratom Dosage

Kratom is one of those compounds that have a “sweet spot” for a lot of people. However, to get to that sweet spot, you need a lot of trial and error before you get it right. Like many other products used to enhance bodily functions, too much or too little of it and you will experience adverse effects or no effect at all respectively. However, if you get The Kratom dosage right, it will be so much fun using the product.

Many people who try Kratom for the first time and experience either of the above results gives up or have a negative perception of the compound. Do not be one of those people. You need to know that there are rules you have to follow when it comes to Kratom use to enjoy the maximum effects. Hopefully, this article will offer you the ultimate guideline on the right Kratom dosage. Pay attention!

How much Kratom to take?

Kratom comes in either powder or capsule form. The amount of Kratom to take depend on what you’re looking to experience. That could be pain relief, instant energy or mental clarity.

Measuring Kratom powder

You can measure Kratom powder in grams or teaspoons. To ensure no overdose, you need to ensure the dose is as accurate as possible. You can even use an electric weighing scale to get a precise dose. You can also use the kitchen scale for its precision of 100mg. Do not ignore the dosage indicated on the package since an overdose can cause side effects such as vomiting, fatigue or irritability.

Grams to Take

Sometimes, the dosage prescription on the package may not have the expected effect on a person depending on a variety of factors. In such a case you need to determine the amount ideal for you. You can slowly increase the grams until you feel the effect you need. However, you should be aware that you could experience side effects before you get used to the new dosage.

Kratom Dosage in Grams for Various Requirements

For energy

You have to aim for 3-6 grams a day. However, this varies from person to person. You could use grapefruit juice to enhance the efficacy of the dosage.

For anxiety

7-9 grams will be effective for anxiety. It’s wise to begin with smaller dosages for anxiety since larger doses have sedating effects.

For Opiate withdrawal

For opiate withdrawal, the small to big rule goes on the reverse. You have to start with a bigger dose and decrease slowly. 7-9 grams is ideal for a start then reduce to 5-7 grams on the 3rd day for 2 to 3 times until you get to use 2 grams. By the end of the 7th day, you could stop using Kratom altogether.

How many Teaspoons to take?

One teaspoon contains approximately 4.5 grams of Kratom although it may vary depending on texture or packaging of the Kratom. If a beginner, you should be slow on the Kratom. One spoon is okay for energy and mood elevation. Half a spoon a day will give you optimal results. To be safe, aim for taking a maximum of 9 grams a day.

Capsule Kratom Dosage

Capsules offer the most accurate dosage measurement because they come pre-packaged in doses. One capsule carries between 500-666 milligrams of Kratom Powder. However, there are jumbo capsules that carry 1000 milligram. You should first clarify with your vendor how much one capsule contains so you can decide how much to take. If you find that you need to take more than 10 capsules a day, it is wise to purchase extracts instead.

Bottom line, whether you take Kratom in capsule or powder, getting the right dosage is crucial. Remember that Kratom is scientifically proven to be effective in pain relief, relaxation among other functions. At the same time, the same compound is known to have adverse side effects which could result negatively affect your health.